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    Your mattress is a big investment, but if you keep it properly protected, you can enjoy it for years to come.

    MODNEXT mattress protector provides a waterproof barrier between your mattress and everything else. Without a mattress protector, bacteria, dust mites, skin cells and allergens can easily become absorbed into your mattress. This not only decreases the quality of your mattress, but it can also lead to issues like allergies and asthma.
    With our mattress topper, you can enjoy a cleaner, more allergy-free sleep environment
while protecting the quality of your mattress. 

    Our mattress protector traps bacteria, dustmites, skin cells and allergens on the surface, where they can be washed away during suggested quarterly washings, or even more frequently if you choose. And it won't change the feel of your mattress.

    Protect your family's health and keep your mattress in great condition with  MODNEXT Mattress Protector.


  • 90*200 cm - SINGLE BED

  • 140*200 cm - DOUBLE BED

  • 160*200 cm - KING SIZE BED

  • 180*200 cm - SUPER KING BED

    Our design is intended to be used with a fitted sheet placed over the protector to keep the feel of your mattress. Fully-elasticized fitted sheet style protector features deeppockets for a smooth, secure fit on mattress depths up to 35 cm and provides a securefit that won’t rustle or make noise while you sleep.

    EASY CARE :Incredibly easy to care for. Machine wash, tumble dry or air dry. We recommendwashing this mattress protector quarterly.

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